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What Are You Writing About? – Nonfiction

By Janice Alonso

Give Your Writer Resources: Article Three

You have an idea. You’ve researched information to plump out that idea, and now you feel you have a solid foundation on which to create a story. The next step is to decide how you want to showcase that story. In what form do you want your audience to read your work? You basically have two choices: fiction or nonfiction. Then you have a multitude of choices: all the subgenres of fiction and nonfiction. Before you begin, you need to have a form in mind, and you’ll need to add resources about these forms to your library. Because of the number of subgenre choices for nonfiction and fiction, I will focus on nonfiction in this month’s column. Nonfiction resources fall into three categories: general how-to-write nonfiction, how-to-write-specific subgenres, and books written by authors in that particular subgenre.

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