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Laying the Foundation

By Janice Alonso

The Writer Within

A Solid Foundation is Essential: Article One

In this fourth series, we will begin our journey into the actual “writing” process, allowing our writers within to take the wheel and spearhead that trip to the finished manuscript. In “What Kind of Writer Are You?” we met our personal creative souls and established a relationship with them. “Embolden Your Writer With a Plan” gave them direction. Then we looked at providing them with the proper tools in “Give Your Writer Resources.” If you’ve followed the steps at the end of each column, you have done everything possible to prepare your writer within for the road ahead…now it’s his/her time to begin working! In “A Solid Foundation Is Essential” we will look at why a rock-steady base is so important, discuss in general possible footprints on which to build stories, and end with the example of “how-to-write-an-essay” as an illustration of one possible foundation.

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