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Time Waits for No Writer

By Janice Alonso

Embolden Your Writer with a Plan: Article 9

You can brainstorm, organize, and research as much as you want, but until you let these thoughts unfold into tangible copy, you’ll never create a story. Like many difficult jobs, we find excuses for delaying them or letting other jobs float to the top of our “to do” lists. We have many important commitments and obligations; we all have a lot on our plates. If you are reading these columns, you most likely have a desire to write, and you need to carve out a time to make that writing happen: You have to block out specific times to create. Often this means you have to spend less time, or eliminate entirely, activities you enjoy. Reading and doing needlework are two activities that have had to take a backseat to my writing. If you are serious about making time to write, you may have to make similar choices.

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