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Know Your Markets

By Janice Alonso

Give Your Writer Resources: Article Five

Markets are the places available for you to publish what you write. If you are not writing with the intent of publication, then this column will not be for you. When you write for your enjoyment only, you need not worry about the submission process. However, if you want to share what you create with others, then you’ll need to understand the many places available to showcase your stories.

Years ago the task of finding a good fit for your work was tedious, expensive, and oftentimes hit or miss. Writers mainly sought out book and magazine publishing houses to print their fiction and nonfiction. University and special interest presses were other possible sources. A writer needed to send off for guidelines and/or sample copies for each place he/she intended to submit a story, supplying a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope). A sample copy added more expenses…and all of this was before the manuscript was submitted. It took weeks…sometimes months to receive that information.

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