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Building Your Library

By Janice Alonso

Give Your Writer Resources: Article One

In series one, article five, “Where Will You Write,” we looked at the importance of carving out a place to call your own. Establishing a designated area not only adds validity to your desire to write, it also reminds you of your purpose for being there–the kitchen is a place for preparing food, the laundry room is a place for cleaning clothes, and the dining room is a place for eating. When you go to your writing area, you are going there with the intent of creating.

In that same column, we talked about the necessity of choosing a space that is inviting, a place where you want to go, and a place where you will be inspired. In this third series, you will make choices about how to “furnish” this space. You’ll customize your space so that you can produce work that is uniquely yours. Everything you select, or choose not to select, will result in stories identified with your fingerprint. We will examine what resources your writer within needs at his/her fingertips. Just as a chef stocks his kitchen with the proper utensils, cooking devices, and ingredients, so must you provide your writer with the proper inventory. I have a physical office space, and I have a writing space on my computer. Both have resources an arm’s reach or a click away when I need a resource for a writing project.

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