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Recent Content

Know Your Markets

Give Your Writer Resources: Article Five Markets are the places available for you to publish what you write. If you are not writing with the intent of publication, then this column will not be for you. When you write for your enjoyment only, you need not worry about the submission process. However, if you want…

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Thankful or Fretful – Is Freelancing Right for You?

As I prepare for the holidays, it makes me reflect on how freelancing has a major impact on my life. Sure, I can take a month off to go backpacking through Europe or go sailing from one coast to the other if I want. I can be a night owl or an early bird, split…

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January Workshop Member Discount Code

Members of the Georgia Writers Association receive free writers workshops in addition to a variety of other benefits. To see the full list of benefits, please visit the Members page. The following workshop code is for the January 10 workshop, “How to Promote Your Book,” with David E. Johnson. This workshop will be held in…

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January Workshop with David E. Johnson: How to Promote Your Book

About the Event: Book publicity is one of the most vital pieces of launching a book and building its visibility in the marketplace. It should be a part of every author and publisher’s plan well before the book is written. We’ve seen the landscape of both publishing and book PR change dramatically over the last…

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